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Wesley International Medical Education Center (WIMEC)

The mission of WIMEC is to educate and train the latest knowledge and techniques that are practical to clinical affairs, and enhance the good of human beings.
Wesley International Medical Education Center was setup by Dr. Wesley Chih-Chun Chen, the Superintendent of Purple Sun Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine Center. Dr. Wesley C.C. Chen has been using medical ultrasound in clinical affairs for years and teaching Diagnostic ultrasound scanning and ultrasound-guided injection in neuromusculoskeletal field in medical centers and workshops in Taiwan, Australia, United States, Philippines and other Asian countries.
The faculty members of WIMEC are Medical Specialists ( PM&R, Rheumatology, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Radiology, Cardiology…., etc.) who are in the leading position in their field, Chief Attendings in Medical centers and well experienced Scholars/Professors in Medical Universities in Taiwan, United States, Australia and many other countries.
The location of WIMEC is in the capital of Taiwan, Taipei. With the cooperation of the best medical centers and medical universities in Taiwan, Taipei Medical University, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, attendees can get the best experience of learning and connection with the best specialists in the field.


1. Best medical experts
Top medical experts and clinical experienced professors with evidence-based treatment strategies and skills.
2. Fully hands on
Hand-on-hand teaching and practicing the latest medical treatment skills.
3. International Doctors
International faculties and multiple medical specialties teaching and sharing experience.
4. Best medical devices
Best medical devices and facilities usage for training.


2017.03.Neuro-musculoskeletal Ultrasound-Guided Injection Cadaver Workshop
2017.06.Musculoskeletal & Spine Diagnostic Ultrasound Workshop
2017.11.Diagnostic & Treatment of Lower Extremity Sports Injury Workshop
2018.03.Ultrasound-Guided Intervention Neuromuscular Cadaver Workshop
2018.10. Comprehensive Physical Examination and Diagnostic Ultrasound of the Upper Extremity Ultrasound-Guided Injection Upper and Lower Extremities Cadaver Workshop
2019.05. Ultrasound-Guided Intervention Neuromuscular Cadaver Workshop
2019.06. Regenerative Medicine International Conference
2021.03.Ultrasound-Guided Neuromuscular Intervention Cadaver Workshop